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The Guide to Selling Your Jewelry    

Putting Together a Booth 

Re-Issue Number 4 

September 16, 2013 

Putting Together a Booth

Create an attractive space for your work 

Customer traffic, the style and quality of the jewelry offered, and the range of price points all affect jewelry sales at craft shows.  But a well-planned (and executed) jewelry display is still key to your success.  It telegraphs your creativity and attention to detail to passers by and can definitely increase your sales.


Choose a color scheme, display items, and tags that fit the mood of your jewelry.  For example, buy antique bowls, teacups, plates, and saucers from your local thrift store to display vintage jewelry.


A wooden window shutter makes a great free-standing display for folder earring cards.  Or, you can remove the slats, staple wire mesh to the back and hook earring wires through the mesh.  Similarly, a decorative picture frame can be displayed on a table-top easel. 


Hang necklaces and bracelets from a small pine tree or a group of branches splayed out in a decorative vase.


Velvet busts or necklace forms can be lovely props for a jewelry display.  If you have more that a few forms, raise the back row slightly so customer can see all of the jewelry without having to move things around.


A table lamp provides extra illumination.  You can punch holes in the shade and hang jewelry from the holes.  Don"t forget to pack an extension cord and duct tape to tape down the cord.


Shallow trays lined with decorative paper or fabric can slide in and out of a rolling carrying case for easy transport and display.


When it comes to displaying jewelry, less is more.  Avoid clutter around your booth and put out a limited number of pieces.  Have back-up inventory to fill in as the initial pieces sell.  Organize your jewelry collection in sets, by type of jewelry (necklaces, bracelets, earrings), or by color.


For outdoor shows, bring a tent or canopy with sand weights to anchor the booth in case it's windy.  Consider white canopies because the offer the best light.


Be kind to the backs and eyes of your customers.  Consider raising the level of your table with inexpensive PVC pipes.  Place jewelry at various heights - all near eye level - on the table using short, medium, and tall displays.


Note:  don't forget to consider ease of transporting, carrying, and clean up when choosing your display components.


       from a supplement to Bead Style magazine




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