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New Classes to be Offered

We are always expanding our list of classes being offered.  Some of the new ones to expect are “Fun with a Childhood Product”, a new look at ways to use an old favorite, Shrinky Dink, to make wonderfully colored focal pieces.  Also, “Resin and Steampunk, a Natural Marriage”,  where we will be combining photographs, watch parts, and other “found objects” to make a one-of-a-kind pendant that will surely be admired.  Another that I am working on is “A Little Hard, A Little Soft”, the combination of leather and metal, to make a cuff that is simple but elegant.  We have also had many requests for the crocheted wire bracelet that I do.  So,  I have decided to honor your requests and teach this technique.  It might look like it would be hard to learn, but I can make one of these bracelets in about an hour and a half, if my two puppy dogs aren’t competing for my attention.

With all the new classes coming, the old favorites will still be there.  And if you do not see a time and date scheduled, call Judy to schedule a private class in that subject for the same price she teaches her public classes for.  We want to share the techniques we have learned with you.

A Classic Heirloom

When you pass on something special to one of your heirs, it is called an "heirloom".  When that item is very special - and valuable, it is called a classic heirloom.  We sell everything needed for you to create that piece of wearable art that you can be proud to pass on to the next generation.  This is why we call our bead & jewelry shop "Heirloom Classics".