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New Beads in Store Be

Just in time for Halloween


 We've just finished a shopping spree with one of our finest Czech bead suppliers.  We have aquired over 500 strands of new colors in 3, 4 and 6 mm cut crystals. 

We also purchased some more of the exquisite findings from Israel.  They are beautiful and detailed.  A must see.



New Varieties of Seed Beads Available


We have also increased our seed bead supply with new colors.  This includes 6/0, 8/0 and 11/0 tubes. 

Treats for all who mention this ad


Just for coming in this week, and purchasing more than $50 worth of our new beads (or even ones we already had in stock), you will receive a special bag of gemstones, worth over $25.00 Just our little way of saying "Thank you for your continued belief in us and what we do".  Please mention this ad, as this special is only for our email family.


This special will run now through 5pm Friday, November 3rd.



Heirloom Classics will close early on

Friday, November 3rd. 


We will be closing at 5pm sharp on Friday, November 3rd in order for Ed and Judy to celebrate their anniversary (though late) going to see Billy Joel.  They began dating to his music over 32 years ago, so his return to Indianapolis is both special and exciting.

I juist I just ran across our email from two years ago when Jewel, our 4 legged ambassador, was first with us.  She was only 5 pounds then.  My has she grown up.  But still a great little greeter.  Be sure to say "Hello" to her, too.


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